Marvel Vs Capcom 3, obiettivi della versione Xbox 360

di Davide Leoni 6

Il sito ha pubblicato la lista degli obiettivi sbloccabili di Marvel Vs Capcom 3, ovviamente validi solo per la versione Xbox 360. In totale ci sono 47 obiettivi che sommati garantiscono i canonici 1.000 punti G.

Dopo il salto trovate la lista completa degli obiettivi, vi ricordiamo che Marvel Vs Capcom 3 sarà disponibile anche su PlayStation 3 ed arriverà nei negozi europei il 18 febbraio, tra poco meno di un mese.

• Passed the Field Test (20): Clear 160 missions in Mission mode.
• A New Avenger (40): Clear 320 missions in Mission mode.
• Welcome to Avengers Academy! (10): Clear 80 missions in Mission mode.
• Leading the Charge (30): Surpass the rank of Fighter.
• Combat Specialist (30): In Ranked Match, surpass the “1st” class rank, or fight someone who has.
• Comic Collector (50): Unlock all items in the Gallery.
• Back at ‘Cha! (10): Perform 10 successful Crossover Counters. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Excelsior! (10): Perform 10 Team Aerial Combos. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Be Gone! (10): Perform 10 Snap Backs. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Mega Buster (20): Use 1,000 Hyper Combo Gauge bars. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Ultimate Nullifier (10): Perform 30 successful Advancing Guards. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Playtime Is Over (10): Surpass the rank of Amateur.
• Herculean Task (30): Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty.
• Saving My Quarters (20): Beat Arcade mode without using any continues.
• Waiting for the Trade (50): View all endings in Arcade mode.
• Master of Fate (50): Unlock all achievements.
• I Buy the Issues (10): View one ending in Arcade mode.
• World Warrior (10): Earn 5,000 Player Points (PP).
• Brusin’ Bruce (20): Land an Incredible Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Charles in Charge (30): Land an Uncanny Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Average Joe (10): Land a Viewtiful Combo. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Champion Edition Hero (30): Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP).
• Super Turbo Brawler (50): Earn 100,000 Player Points (PP).
• Big Bang Theory (30): Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Brave New World (10): Participate in any mode on Xbox LIVE.
• Steel Battalion (20): Block 100 times. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Fate of the Satsui no Hadou (20): Decide who is the true master of the fist in a Xbox LIVE match.
• Copy This! (20): Put an end to this game of spider and fly in a Xbox LIVE match.
• Raccoon City Incident (20): Settle things between former S.T.A.R.S. members in a Xbox LIVE match.
• Passport to Beatdown Country (10): Fight in all of the stages.
• Need a Healing Factor (10): Win a match without blocking. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• School for the Gifted (15): Get a 5 game win streak in Ranked Match.
• A Hero Stands Alone (10): Win a match without calling your partners or switching out. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Full Roster (40): Battle against all characters in a Xbox LIVE match.
• Who Will Answer the Call? (10): Participate in an 8 player Lobby on Xbox LIVE.
• Duty and Deus Ex Machina (20): Make a match on Xbox LIVE between a national hero and a killing machine a reality.
• One Step Ahead (30): Land 50 First Attacks in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Avengers Assemble! (15): Make a team composed of the Big 3 and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Turn the Tables (10) Land a Team Aerial Counter in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Galactic Smasher (40): Perform 30 Crossover Combination Finishes. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Wreak “Havok” (10): Use X-Factor in a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Badds to the Bone (15): Make a team of three who have altered their bodies, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Whose Side Are You On? (20): Bring about an end to the Civil War in a Xbox LIVE match.
• Fate of Two Worlds (20): Make a match on Xbox LIVE between the marquee characters for this game a reality.
• Female Flyers (15): Make a team composed of women who can fly, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Darkstalkers (15): Make a team composed of those who dwell in the darkness, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)
• Weapon X (15): Make a team composed of Weapon-X test subjects, and win a match. (Arcade/Xbox LIVE only)

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